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Company's success is lead by constant improvement of product quality, systematic implementation of investments, production management
improvement, excellent relationship with suppliers and, of course, loyal staff.
JSC "Freda" - the oldest furniture company in Lithuania. It started as a sawmill in 1880, January 25th. JSC "Freda", on July 13th 1992, registered as a furniture manufacturing company. Current JSC "Freda" counts its years of existence since 2001 March 2nd, when it was acquired by new owners - JSC "Baltic Furniture Group". On 2011 JSC "Freda" separated from JSC "Baltic Furniture Group" and independently and successfully operates till now.


JSC "Freda" manufactures flat pack furniture from chipboard, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and cellular lightweight construction panel. The main part - the living room and hallway furniture. The major part of the chest of drawers, as well as shoe boxes and the like. This furniture is made by staining pigment ink or coating decorated paper.

All facilities operated by the company are made of the most famous and innovative Western European equipment manufacturers such as "Homag", "Ima", "Hymmen" (Germany), "Cefla" (Italy), "Barberan" (Spain). All of these devices make it possible for furniture use a complex but efficient gluing edges and surface coating technologies. Only by using modern and efficient facilities, as well as constantly updating them, we can expect a positive long-term prospects for the market.

Also implemented in the plant control system allowing the manufacturing process to track and monitor in real time. Only correct and timely information enables you to perform an accurate analysis of the cost of production and reduce production costs.


The Company's management focuses on sustainable development of the relations with everyone in the company.

JSC "Freda" currently has over 550 employees. This is a multidisciplinary team who are responsible not only for their immediate tasks, but also for the new ideas progressing in the realization.

JSC "Freda" offers a friendly work environment. We encourage teamwork, sharing their knowledge and desire to excel. If you want to join our team, please send us CV by e-mail address or contact by phone +370 698 00767.


Personnel policy - to bring together and keep loyal, competent working team. The company's successful long-term development and the guarantor is
motivated employees.
Team member

Rimas Varanauskas

Chairman of the Board
Team member

Rimas Varanauskas

General Manager
Team member

Virginijus Brundza

Innovation and Development Manager
Team member

Aistė Čičirkienė

Commerce Manager
Team member

Sigitas Usvaltas

Technical Manager
Team member

Renata Liumparienė

Human Resources Manager
Team member

Audrius Čičirka

Technology and Development Manager
Team member

Tomas Strioga

Executive Manager
Team member

Vytautas Akelaitis

Production Manager


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JSC Freda Piliakalnio Str. 3,
LT-46224 Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone +370 37 39 12 12
Fax +370 37 39 14 49

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